A Palate for Painting

Erika always dreamed about hosting creative events at the Urban Grace Interiors studio in hopes of encouraging others to 'find their way to play', or, in other words, doing something creative simply for the joy of doing it. Whether it be painting, drawing, crafting, baking, you name it...gathering people together to create something and finding joy in the process and in the company of other wannabe (or already) creatives was the dream. 'A Palate for Painting' was the first realization of that dream!

In August of 2018, Erika hosted 20 women to come join her for a watercoloring workshop in collaboration with Elisabeth Farris, the adorable baker blogger of Elisabeth & Butter. Both ladies share a passion for watercolor painting, but obviously in two varying forms, one on paper and one on cookies! This added a compelling element to pique the interest of a variety of guests! Half of the group started with Erika, practicing their strokes and learning the art of mixing colors, creating a color palette, and drawing from inspiration to create their own pieces of artwork. The other half joined Elisabeth in the kitchen, learning her tricks and tips on how to paint cookies so beautiful our guests (almost) hated to eat them! Then the two groups switched. Applying similar painting principles to different applications, all while sipping on some bubbles and enjoying a charcuterie spread left guests feeling relaxed, accomplished in a new skill, and inspired to cultivate and incorporate creativity into their everyday lives! Our team left dreaming about future events to host in collaboration with other local creatives so that even more people can 'find their way to play' with us!


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